Coming to the Rescue!

Many superheroes and heroines are coming to help us!

They look very different, they have got all kinds of abilities but they are all willing to help and that is fantastic!

Would you like to learn a bit more about them?




So, if you happen to know about one superhero or heroine who has not been mentioned, send us his/her personal information.

He/she might be the chosen one!

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Design your own environmental superhero!

We are looking for an environmental superhero/ heroine!

Could you help us?

So, if you think you can design or create one possible candidate,

  • What is his/ her name?
  • What does he / she look like?
  • Has he/ she got any superpowers?
  • How could he/ she help us heal the planet?
  • Has he /she got a motto? I mean, what is his /her message?

You know, we need a superhero/ heroine right away! Our planet needs us!

Let´s show we Do care!

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Finally, we chose a Logo!

Wasn´t it great? We are so proud of you people!

Some days ago we held our Logo Election at School. Everybody was thrilling and enthusiastic. The whole school participated! For the little ones, it was their first time! and they did so with so much responsibility!


One by one, you had the possibility of choosing your favourite logo. Some of you took into account the message; others chose colourful, attractive designs… In fact, making up your mind wasn´t easy for some of you, was it?


All in all, we received 25 logos.

Many of them obtained quite a number of votes. However, the logos which obtained more votes were the following:

  • 3rd Place: 41 votes (Manuel & Feli)

  • 2nd Place: 42 votes (Manuel & Ignacio & Co)

  • and the winner with 52 votes was…


Let´s give a special clap to Celina, the designer!!! She included our school badge within the logo.

Once again, Congratulations to you all!!!

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Here come the last logos!!!!!

HI Everybody!!!!!!

First, I would like to congratulate all those students who took some time to create and design a logo. They look great!!! They are all very different but each of them clearly shows what your main concerns are. Let me show you some more:

Remember tomorrow we will be choosing THE logo for our fair!!!!

Look at them carefully, make a choice and cast your vote. Maybe yours is the chosen one!!!!!

Outstanding Job! Keep it up!!!

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Some more logos

This gallery contains 11 photos.

Some more people have been designing. Let me show you their work; don´t these logos look attractive and colourful? If you had to choose one, which one would you pick up?                                              Remember we are casting our votes next week … Continue reading

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The Latest News

We have already got about 800 screwtops but we need even more. Don´t forget to bring them to school.

We are still looking for a logo!!! Remember Thursday is due date. If you are still designing yours, hurry up. Some people are eager to know if their logo is the chosen one.

If you have finished studying for your term tests, visit

You´ll have lots of fun!!!!!!

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Let´s Do Our Share

Hi there!

Let´s do our share! Let´s start right away!

10 Useful Actions We Can Take

  1. Pick up trash around the school grounds
  2.  Walk or ride your bicycle
  3. Turn off the lights when you leave the room
  4. Turn off the TV and the computer
  5. Do not leave water taps dripping
  6. Use less hot water
  7. Avoid plastic bags; take your own grocery bags
  8. Adjust your thermostat
  9. Replace the bulbs with compact fluorescent light bulbs
  10. Spread the word

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